What are Torenna FreeStalls?
• A cow friendly free-stall divider system made of heavy duty polymer piping
• Cows are not intimidated by Torenna FreeStalls because of their flexible and adjustable design
• Cow comfort is maximized with the installation of Torenna FreeStalls

What are the Benefits?
• Provides maximum comfort and safety
• Encourages increased resting periods
• Possible higher milk production per cow
• Flexibility to easily rise and settle
• Reduced kicking - less bedding is kicked out of the stall
• Prevents painful cow injuries

The Essentials of Resting
• Cows spend approximately 12 - 14 hours per day resting
• Cows ruminate more intensively while laying
• Saliva production increases
• Stabilization of rumen
• Reduced risk of rumen souring
• While resting 25% more blood passes the udder, increasing milk production
• The ligature and hoofs will be relieved
• Hoofs can dry up
Source: Neil Anderson, Omafra Canada DLG Merkblatt 341, Danish Agricultural Advisory Centre

• The time span between entering the bed and laying down: max. 30 seconds
• 15 - 20 resting periods per day
• 1 HOUR LONGER RESTING = 1 more Liter of Milk Per Cow Per Day

Floating Neck Rail Bracket - Patented Industrial Design
The Benefits of a floating neck rail are:
• Allows more head movement for the cow, causing less stress
• The pipe is able to move forward and backward, up and down to keep the cow in a proper position
• Does not punish larger cows
• Isolate tingle voltage
• Fewer lumps and hair loss
• Bends with cow
• Still is an index barrier
• Does not intimidate cow